How Do You Dress For Work?

How About On The Weekend?

How Do You Like Your Shirts To Fit?

How Do You Like Your Pants To Fit?

What Size Tops Do You Wear?

Would you like to receive more work or weekend attire?

What Is Your Pants Waist Size?

What Is Your Pants Inseam Measurement?

What Is Your Shoe Size?

What is your height?

What is your dress shirt size?

Refer to the suggested size guide below:


Many of our premium denim/pant brands only come in one longer inseam (~34") and are intended to be hemmed to your desired length:

What is your size in blazers / sport coats?

Blazers & sport coats may need to be tailored to your desired fit & sleeve length.

Do You Wear Shorts?

(Sent when seasonally appropriate)

Which clothing categories should we AVOID?

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